Why Choose RehabDFW?

Our mission is to achieve success by creating value for ourselves and everyone with whom we do business. We only do deals that make everyone money! Our Goal is to provide value through expertise, transparency and service.
At RehabDFW we are Real Estate Professionals. We operate at all areas of the SFR and small multi-family investment space. From Wholesale Acquisitions, Rehab-to-Retail Renovations, Long Term Holds and Residential Property Management. We understand the challenges involved in these business models and know what it takes to be successful in those fields. In short, we are not a “Weekend Warrior” wholesale operation.
Our After Repair Values are based on real MLS comps and not with the limited information of inferior services. With us you gain the security of an established business operating since 2011 in a solid brick and mortar office.  Our straightforward contract and transparent processes have allowed us to show a trend of continued growth where others have failed.
We source our own leads and hold the original purchase contracts. You will not be getting an assignment of an assignment of an assignment with us.  We offer an inventory with a wide range of price points to service both seasoned investors as well as first time buyers.
With us you have a dedicated transaction manager to guide you through the closing process. A huge obstacle in the world of distressed properties is clearing their problematic titles. We have systems in place to clear those titles and support the transaction from beginning to end. We have developed the necessary relationships with title agents, appraisers, lenders, attorneys, and contractors to ensure we provide the best service in the market.
Join us at RehabDFW, gain access to our extensive inventory today and get updates as new inventory becomes available.